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It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to Haleem Lanka Tours. We are one of the leading Arab Tour Operators in Mawanella - Sri Lanka, having more than 10 years of valuable experience in the travel & tourist trade. We do not say we are the best, we just say ' try us' others may claim it.

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Sri Lanka Tour Places

The island of Sri Lanka is located in the Indian Ocean. This island of Sri Lanka is the 25th largest island the world and the second largest island in the Indian Ocean. If you see the world map Sri Lanka island is only a small speck south of Indian peninsula in Asia. But this tiny island nation is home to 20 million people!

Cultural Place

Sri Lanka is a country with a fabulous history....

Hill Country

Tea gardens lead to mist covered Hill Stations....


The beaches of Sri Lanka are truly outstanding....

Wild Life

Watching leopards, elephants and whales in Sri Lanka....